Maximize Efficiency

Minimize Non-Productive Time

Eliminate Incidents



Key Indicators that your team's culture might need improvement

    • - Poor Communications

    • - Leadership and Management failure

    • - Procedural mistakes - Poor preparation

    • - Inadequate level of knowledge

Are you seeing High Potential near misses?

Your team may be operating near the breaking point.

Today’s market is driving margins down and risk up exponentially.

Are your operations spending resources unnecessarily?


-Broken lives
-Invisible lost time
-Damaged equipment
-Spills to the environment
-Millions of dollars wasted annually

Human Error can be mitigated by:


>Team Behaviors
>Process Control


This problem has been addressed and mitigated in industries that faced very similar challenges. Military and Commercial Aviation, Naval Nuclear Power and Special Operations Forces are routinely forced to operate in remote and hazardous environments with limited resources.

When failure is not an option,

deliberate action is required.

CAVU International is the leader in

Safety and Performance Consulting

-On-site assessment

-Gap analysis of current programs

-Improvement plans utilizing Lean and 5S tools

-Leadership mentoring

-Human factors integration

-Crew resource management

-Training the trainers