COVID-19 has hit our economy like a slow rolling locomotive lumbering across the Appalachians, causing unparalleled paradigm shifts in the way we think about our individual business models, the future, and our personnel – are they ready, willing and able to re-enter the industrial ring?  What about their families?

Sooner than later, the sun will peek above the horizon, again lifting our spirits and more likely than not, remind us that there is work to be done.  Our focus should be renewed, our thinking should be slow and our actions will be best served with a methodical and well thought out plan before putting words into action.

Benefitting from remaining in constant and genuine contact with our direct reports when it’s time to once again raise and lower the hammers, great leaders must rediscover the individual and team capabilities within their organization:

  • Has the team construct changed?
  • Are there new procedures or policies?
  • Do we have the required tools and are they pre-tested?
  • Slow is fast!
  • Is the old plan still a viable plan?
  • How are we indoctrinating our new hires?
  • Others?

Front line leaders and supervisors must once again be empowered to carry out the task at hand with the forceful and deliberate team back up of their immediate chain of commands.

CAVU Coaches are armed with the experience and talent to assist in re-starting your enterprise safely and with a snake-eyed focus on recapturing and exceeding the momentum once achieved.

Jay Powers
Force Master Chief
USN (ret.)
Safety, Performance & Leadership Coach

Leadership Training






Joseph “Jay” Powers is a former US Cyber Command Force Master Chief with decades of experience in handling security and crisis situations.  Serving as the senior advisor to the 6th Fleet Commander, he orchestrated and synchronized the the fleet’s entire force protection security plan.



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