Performance Excellence Consultant


  • Performance Excellence Coach, Event Lead and Project Manager aboard a variety of oil and gas platforms including jack-ups, tenders, semi-submersables and drill ships.
  • Results driven and accomplished senior executive with over 32 years of strategic and operational experience.
  • Force Master Chief for 16,000 global employees in a growing and extrememly dynamic environment. Senior Enlisted Advisor for a nuclear powered aircraft carrier and assigned battle group.

Exceptionally well suited to apply senior organizational expertise to support Performance Excellence consulting for any complex organization.


  • Senior Enlisted Academy, 2001
  • Command Master Chief Course, 2002
  • Criminal Investigator Academy, 1990

Professional Experience:

  • Provides coaching & mentoring to all levels of leadership in high performance/reliability organizations, covering operational discipline to include planning, communication, execution, debriefs and lessons learned for normal & emergency operations.
  • Served as the Command Master Chief at the U.S. Navy’s largest aviation squadron charged with managing the country’s nuclear response.
  • Air Craft carrier and AEGIS Destroyer Senior Enlisted Advisor charged with advising the Command on all matters relating to the growth and development of thousands of assigned employees.
  • The U.S. Navy’s very first Force Master Chief for Navy Cyber forces, charged with the care and mentoring for 16,000 employee’s across the globe. Developed the most relevant and challenging warfare qualification for all assigned.

List of Oil & Gas Operator/Rig experience for Jay Powers:                                   

JAN 2013             Chevron/ Trident 15                Gulf of Thailand

FEB 2013            Chevron/Tender-7                   Gulf of Thailand

APR 2013             Chevron/Tender-4                   Gulf of Thailand

JUL 2013             Chevron Tender-7                   Gulf of Thailand

AUG 2013            Chevron Trident 15                 Gulf of Thailand

AUG 2013            Chevron/Andaman                   Gulf of Thailand

SEP 2013             Chevron/Ao Thai                     Gulf of Thailand

NOV 2013            Chevron/Ao Thai                     Gulf of Thailand

DEC 2013            Chevron/Ao Thai                     Gulf of Thailand

APR 2014             Maersk/Resolute                      North Sea

JUN 2014             PIDWAL/Pacific Bora              Nigeria

AUG 2014            PIDWAL/Pacific Bora              Nigeria

OCT 2014           PIDWAL/Pacific Bora              Nigeria

JUL 2015             Maersk/Deliverer                     Angola

AUG 2015            Noble/Danny Adkins                Gulf of Mexico

OCT 2015            Noble/Jim Day                        Gulf of Mexico

NOV 2015            Noble/Amos Runner                Gulf of Mexico