Gain the benefit of having experts in Military Leadership and Operational Excellence join your teams virtually

When we can’t reach your team on site, CAVU can coach, mentor and train your teams on the best practices in Operational Excellence through a host of virtual platforms.

Live Virtual Leadership Mentoring (LVLM):  One-on-One

The art of combining effective management and inspirational leadership is not something most leaders are born with.  It requires training, mentoring and experience.  CAVU coaches each have a career’s worth of experience and training, which they leverage to share the key pillars of effective management, as well as the traits and principles of solid leadership.  Together, we will target the methods for setting vision, leading by example, and rewarding correct behaviors.  We will work with your managers and supervisors on how to inspire, motivate and lead their teams to new heights in performance using positive reinforcement techniques.  How we do it:

  • One-on-one Live Chat with a CAVU mentor to identify leadership challenges and goals
  • Craft individual leadership action plans to define “What will we do different tomorrow”
  • Follow up and feedback on the lessons learned during implementation of the leadership action plans.

Live Virtual Team Roundtables (LVTR): Groups of 5-10

  • CAVU facilitated discussions to identify specific organizational challenges and goals
  • CAVU participation in team roundtables providing “Grey Beard” perspective on best practices and lessons learned in high reliability and Operational Excellence.
  • Strategic plan development to deliberately address the organizational challenges and goals

Live Virtual Team Training (LVTT): Groups of 10-15

  • Leadership traits and principals
  • Human Skill Training (Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Situational Awareness, Decision Making, and Human Performance Shaping Factors)
  • Continuous Improvement Training (Planning, Executing, Reviewing, Improving)
  • “Case Study” scenario training and post mishap lessons learned


Dell BullDell Bull, Rear Admiral, USN (ret.)
Dell joined CAVU international shortly after retiring from the Navy at the rank of Rear Admiral. He is a 1988 graduate of the University of Idaho where he earned his BS in Computer Science while on a full ride football scholarship. While flying 4,000 hours in strike/fighter aircraft and over 1,000 carrier landings he was decorated numerous times for personal valor in combat. Shortly after serving for Senator John S. McCain as a Defense Fellow and then on the Joint Staff in the Anti-Terrorism division, he was selected to command the Navy’s newest and most technologically advanced Strike Fighter Squadron.  His next assignment was as commanding officer of the largest fighter squadron in the world consisting of 3,000 men and women and 113 F/A-18 Hornets. He then served two years as an Air Wing commander, consisting of 8 combat squadrons, onboard a nuclear aircraft carrier. As a Rear Admiral, Bull was assigned to be the Chief of Naval Air Training, consisting of 7,000 men and women and over 700 aircraft including the Navy’s premier flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels. He retired as the Vice director and operations and intelligence director of an organization under the Defense Threat Reduction Agency responsible for defeating terrorist. Bull currently serves as CAVU Vice President of the Americas.

Well Control Procedures COVID-19Dave Burnham, Commander, USN (ret.)
Dave Burnham is a 1987 graduate of the US Naval Academy and a Distinguished Graduate of both Naval Flight School in tactical jets and the Naval Nuclear Propulsion School for aircraft carrier command training. He was decorated numerous times for combat valor flying the F-14 Tomcat and in 2003 was selected to command the Navy’s newest and most technologically advanced Strike Fighter Squadron flying the F/A-18F Super Hornet.  He then served two years as the Executive Officer on a nuclear aircraft carrier with a complement of over 5000 men and women and two nuclear reactors under his direct responsibility.  After retiring from the Navy he joined a start up safety consulting firm and lead all aspects of the international business from 2009 until Aug 2015.  He left as Senior Vice President Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia and founded CAVU International where he serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Terry BarrettTerry Barrett, Commander, USN (ret.)
Terry leverages over 35 years of leadership experience in high reliability organizations.  He started his professional career as a Space Shuttle engineer receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, and a master’s degree in human factors engineering.  Terry then served more than 20 years in the US Navy as a combat fighter pilot and test pilot amassing over 4000 flight hours in over 47 different fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  Transitioning from the Navy, Terry joined a start-up leadership consulting firm growing his division to $40M in annual revenue in only 5 years.  In 2015 Terry co-founded CAVU International where he currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and leadership consultant.  Having coached and mentored over 2000 leaders on 5 continents, Terry can help you build a great team.

Jim TraversJim Travers, Commander, USN (ret.)
Jim has 44 years’ experience serving in the US Navy and providing coaching and mentoring to all levels of leadership in high performance / reliability organizations.  During his 36 years in the US Navy he excelled in leading and managing Personnel, Research and Development Systems, Ship-board Electronic and Mechanical Systems and Multi- Functional Projects in extremely challenging, high risk environments around the globe.  His military background includes more than 30 years at sea operational and maintenance experience on board Submarines, Warships, Maritime Vessels, and Executive Management of the navies 3rd largest base with a population of over 30,000 personnel.  Most recently, he has spent the last 8 years training and coaching in the oil & gas and maritime industry.  He has extensive experience providing leadership briefing and consulting to the highest levels of the Military, Oil & Gas, and Maritime industries.  Jim is a proven leader and manager with demonstrated performance.

Jay PowersJoseph “Jay” Powers, Force Master Chief, USN (ret.)
Jay has amassed 41 years of leadership experience. 32 years in the Navy, rising through the ranks, to successfully lead the largest shore-based Force Protection/Anti- Terrorism teams in addition to hugely successful tours as a Chief of Police, Chief of Detectives and Command / Force Master Chief during his final 10 years of active service.  In his Command Leadership tours, whether as the Senior Advisor to the Commander of an Aircraft Carrier Strike Group or leading 16,000 Sailors and Civilians across the globe as the Navy’s first CYBER Force Master Chief, Jay’s experience is vast and varied.  During the last nine years, Jay has served as Coach, Lead Coach and Client Manager, successfully coaching and mentoring at all levels of leadership in the offshore and on shore Oil and Gas industry. Jay is a tested and proven mentor/leader with vast experience across many spectrums of leadership in High Performance and high Reliability organizations.     

Wes SpenceWesley “Wes” Spence, Captain, USN (ret.)
After graduating from the US Naval Academy, Wes Spence has over 34 years’ combined experience as a Navy SEAL officer and corporate consultant, with a proven record of successfully leading diverse groups and solving complex challenges worldwide.  His distinguished military career included operational deployments with multiple SEAL Teams, warships and Forward Operating Bases and included three tours in Afghanistan.  His unique experience reveals an exceptional aptitude for leading and managing personnel; training and curriculum development; and multiple corporate level assignments and experience.  Wes has played a central role in facilitating deep cultural and process changes to 30 different organizations, with over 3000 personnel in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe.  Wes has been a small business owner and is a co-founder of a non-profit aimed at supporting veterans.  He is recognized for exceptional leadership and integrity, with proven performance in all levels of planning, organizational resilience, and resource management.  Wes also has a master’s degree in Information Technology Management

John DixonJohn Dixon, Captain, USN (ret.)
John Dixon, retired Navy Captain and executive mentor has 36 years of experience leading, coaching, and mentoring to all levels of leadership across numerous international high performance/reliability organizations. Served as 2nd in command for nuclear powered aircraft carrier with 5500 personnel & 66 combat aircraft, leading 18 departments for a floating city with eight nuclear reactors, an airport with full servicing/repair facilities, fire & police departments, surgery capable hospital, dental, laundry services, restaurants, waste disposal, electrical distribution, communications systems, television network, IT infrastructure, weapons systems/storage, sewage and water treatment. Also, as CEO of Strike Fighter Squadron 113, he led 260 personnel & $500M in assets and as Chief of Staff for Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa, managing 1300 personnel conducting humanitarian and combat operations over a two million square mile area. In addition to training new executive coaches, John has personally coached leadership to over 5000 personnel at 40 onshore and offshore organizations worldwide.

Chris EnglesChristopher “Chris” Engles, Force Master Chief, USN (ret.)
Chris has over 36 years of leadership experience; 32 years in the Navy, two in sales training and over two in the Oil & Gas industry. His distinguished military career includes tours in Special Weapons, Conventional Weapons, Recruiting, and numerous Senior Enlisted Advisor positions. These positions include Command Master Chief tours of an Aviation Squadron, Missile Cruiser, Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier, Overseas base, and Force Master Chief for all 72 Naval Installations with 85,000 people around the globe. During the last two years Chris has trained hundreds of personnel in North America, the Gulf of Mexico, and throughout Europe. He is the person who gets the best out of people because he gives his best all the time. He is recognized as an exceptional leader who can work in any environment.   

Dan ChangDan Chang, USN (ret.)
Dan has over 35 years’ experience, which includes 22 years in the US Navy, in challenging leadership positions, including command of a Navy Destroyer. In the US Navy, assigned in positions of leadership and responsibility both at sea and ashore involving Naval Operations and major staff responsibilities. In the Aerospace Industry, held leadership position as Vice President of Programs leading a large NATO program. Dan is a proven leader with demonstrated performance in achieving shipboard operations, program execution and financial goals.


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