Oiltec and CAVU are now launching a unique Simulation based WOCRM training course based on the OPITO standards



CAVU International LLC are now launching a unique Simulation based Crew Resource Management (CRM) training course based on the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO) standards.  CRM training has been directly proven to enhance safety, improve teamwork and maximize performance for decades.

Based upon several requests from leading E&P customers, Oiltec Solutions AS (Oiltec) and CAVU International Inc. (CAVU) have partnered. Scenario based training is the optimal solution for combining technical and non-technical training in a simulated environment, as demonstrated by the commercial airlines and the nuclear power industries.

“With 80% of drilling accidents relating back to human errors, CRM training is the best way for the oil-companies to ensure that the operation is safe and efficient.  OGP 501 both underlines the need and the importance for CRM training in order to improve the industry’s safety and efficiency” states Tom Bremer, CEO of Oiltec Solutions.

CAVU provides seasoned coaches, most with nearly 30 years’ experience instructing CRM principals in the aviation and nuclear field, as well as decades of combined experience in Oil & Gas.  We’ve worked in every region of the world and provided training in the host nation language when required. “No leader wants his team to experience challenging problems for the first time, in real world conditions.  We want to train in a controlled environment where we can build verifiable capabilities and competence to handle any challenge with precision” says David Burnham, CEO of CAVU International.  “To enable safe and efficient detection, reaction and recovery from any operational deviation is the core of CRM”, he continued.

Unlike other more academic CRM providers, CAVU coaches have successfully led in high-risk, high-reliability environments and truly understand the importance of Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Situational Awareness, Decision making and Human factors.  There is no other company on earth that has access to this depth of real-world experience, quality of instructors, and ability to give crews the tools necessary to ensure they are confident and ready, all the time.

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) has addressed the critical need for non-technical skills training in drilling and well control, as well as initiated research projects on the subject.  OGP has developed recommendations for the implementation of a CRM training course, which will form the basis of their recommended practice (OGP reports No 501 and 502).  The training is focused on the well operations team-members, engineers and technicians who perform operational roles in drilling, completions, work-over and intervention.

Combining Oiltec Solutions technology and CAVU instructors, CAVU can create a unique training curriculum that covers technical and non-technical skills, competence and team performance. With the high cost of offshore development, significant value is added from incident free and efficient operations. The benefits of this training are immediate and substantial.  Practicing for normal and emergency situations in our simulator with CRM coaches, prior to going offshore, will give your leadership peace of mind and your crew the tools it needs to operate at the highest level.

CAVU International Inc.

CAVU leverages it’s military and energy sector experience to provide the best consulting service in the world for high hazard work environments. Our focus is on Leadership, Process, Safety and Culture, where the consequences of human failure are unacceptable.

CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) is the definition of the perfect day to fly.  We use your tools and programs to define your “Perfect Day” then develop a deliberate approach to making it repeatable throughout your organization. www.cavu-intl.com

For further information contact:

Tom Bremer: +47 4151 5166   Tom.bremer@oiltec-solutions.com

David Burnham: + 1 559 381 2723   David.Burnham@CAVU-Intl.com

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Source: Training news: Oiltec and CAVU are now launching a unique Simulation based WOCRM training course based on the OPITO standards. – Oiltec Solutions

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