We develop, coach, and mentor leadership teams on their journey towards “Operational Excellence.”

Our focus is on leadership, process, safety, and culture, where the margins between success and failure are narrow and the consequences of failure are unacceptable.

Improve Ownership and Accountability:  By setting vision, establishing a standard, leading by example, and rewarding correct behaviors, CAVU will empower your leaders to embrace accountability for themselves and their team.

Mitigate Human Error: This challenge has been solved in the Military and Commercial Aviation, Naval Nuclear Power and Special Operations Forces while operating in remote and hazardous environments with limited resources. CAVU can show you the way!

Turning Strategy into Execution:  CAVU will help you identify your most important goal (lag measure), choose the best lead measures to act on, create a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scoreboard, and establish a sustainable cadence of accountability.

Non-technical, Crew Resource Management (CRM) training:  People are the secret to high reliability.  CAVU trains and coaches your team on the “Critical Human Skills” of Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Decision Making, Situational Awareness and Human Factors to include fatigue and stress.

Continuous Improvement:  Most companies only review their performance “post incident.”

CAVU will show your team the power of a regular review culture that encompasses a Plan/Do/Check/Improve mindset into all operations – PROACTIVE Continuous Improvement.


Leaders in On-Site and Live Virtual Coaching and Training

  • Operational Excellence Keynotes & Seminars
  • Executive (One-on-One) Mentorship
  • Group Roundtable Discussions
  • Practical “On-site” Workshops
  • Competency Program Development
  • Work Instruction and Checklist Development

Operational Excellence Coaching Inquiry