Kurt “Sandman” Porter is the CAVU-Intl Country Manager for the Russian Federation as well as the Managing Director of LLC CAVU-Intl, Sakhalin, Russia. Sandman was raised in San Jose, California. He retired from the United States Navy after a career that saw him serve in a variety of leadership and planning roles, as well as work in the disarmament and arms control arenas. Sandman has a lifetime of proven experience in leadership, teamwork and communications in multi-national, multi-cultural environments. In addition to serving on a variety of surface platforms, Sandman also had three flight tours, with a total of over 3000 flight hours in a direct support role. Sandman spent his career leading, training and mentoring. He is a three-time honor graduate from the Defense Language Institute (Vietnamese and Russian), and is a former Defense Language Institute Instructor of the Year. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of the State of New York and a Masters of Arts from Moscow State Linguistic University. Sandman’s outstanding communication skills and ability to connect with people at all levels have ensured mission success in a variety of high-risk environments.

First as a military member, and then as a federal employee with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and later the George C. Marshall Center, Sandman assisted in the development of successful organizations by focusing on planning, training, communicating and continuous improvement. For the past three years he has worked extensively onshore and offshore in Sakhalin, Russia, the Gulf of Thailand and Vietnam. Sandman brings a wealth of experience living and working overseas in the Philippines, Japan, Germany and Russia. Sandman lives in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.