Terry “Motek” Barrett

Terry can leverage his 28 years of experience leading and
managing High Reliability Organizations to help improve
your team’s culture. His expertise ranges from executive
leadership training to safety and performance coaching on
offshore oil rigs and platforms around the world.
His journey began as a Space Shuttle engineer, and
continued while serving more than twenty years in the
United States Navy as an F/A-18 carrier aviator and test pilot. Transitioning from the
military in 2009, Terry expanded his education into the Oil and Gas Industry while
helping grow a startup consulting company to $80M in annual revenue. His
contributions ranged from coaching offshore drilling crews to mentoring senior
executives to managing a $40M business unit as the Senior Vice President of Western
Hemisphere operations. To reach the next level in leadership consulting and
development, Terry co-founded CAVU International where he currently serves as the
Chief Operating Officer.
Terry graduated from the University of Florida in 1987 with a Bachelor’s degree in
Computer Engineering, and later earned a Master’s degree in Human Factors
Engineering from the University of Tennessee. Terry trained at TOPGUN and later
graduated from the USN Test Pilot School in 1998. He amassed over 4000 flight hours
in over 47 different fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He has survived 535 carrier
landings on ten different carriers, and flown combat sorties in support of SOUTHERN
WATCH over Iraq and DELIBERATE FORCE in Bosnia-Herzegovina