Safety Audits

CAVU International proudly offers world class safety audits based on multifunctional capabilities in the best practices from a spectrum of high hazard industries. Our experienced team of professional safety auditors bring decades of experience from aviation and maritime safety inspection and analysis. They couple this with certifications in OSHA 10/30/510 industrial safety requirements and broad experience in from nuclear, oil and gas and industrial construction safety. When the consequences of a gap between expectations and actual practice are too great for chance, CAVU audit teams remove any doubt. We will analyze your programs, identify gaps, recommend corrective action and support remediation of deficiencies.

We follow a standardized approach to any safety audit that ensures all areas are reviewed in a logical order. The audit will end with a final report following the same sequence with each section providing a set of findings and recommendations from which your company can take deliberate action. The first step in any audit will involve a review of the governing documents, rules and regulations compliance for the relevant programs. This will be followed up with physical inspections, operational assessment and worker surveys/interviews. One best practice, in some areas a requirement, of high hazard industries is to create and catalog of Major Hazards that can cause serious harm to the operation and do a bowtie analysis based on the threats and consequences of those potential events.

If this program is already in place, CAVU can do an in-depth analysis to ensure the program is running as expected. If not in place,  CAVU can offer some recommendations on how to incorporate this system into the organization.

CAVU is flexible in its approach to safety audits and able to tailor our approach to meet your needs. If there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to request further information.


CAVU Safety Audit Team


Eric is a former Command Master Chief on nuclear submarines, where he served as primary advisor in all matters including operations, safety, policies, procedures, human capital and leadership techniques. Eric has extensive experience in safety audits from maritime, to oil platforms and industrial construction. He is exceptionally well suited to apply senior organizational expertise to support safety, leadership and performance consulting for any complex organization.

Safety Auditing Team


Rick possesses over thirty years of safety and leadership experience dealing with fast-paced, rapidly changing departments and organizations at a global level. He has an excellent ability to quickly evaluate and resolve programmatic issues and provide resolution to technical problems. His experience in industrial safety audits is unparalleled.