Delivering the "Perfect Day"

Leveraging our military and energy sector experience, we provide the best consulting service in the world for high hazard work environments where the consequences of human failure are unacceptable.

“Experts in using proven leadership fundamentals to improve compliance with company safe work procedures.”
EHS Manager, Gulf of Mexico
"The leadership training you provide is so useful to me it's become almost a religion in how I work" - Frank Pilskog, Toolpusher KCA Deutag, Cat J Rig

"The Navy Nuclear Power program has operated for over 65 years with zero nuclear accidents. Our coaches bring those best practices to your organization."
David Burnham, CEO CAVU International

"I’m impressed with how many Pre-tower & Pre-job safety meetings your guys attend. It’s good to see the coaches are tuned in to our upcoming operations."
Operations Superintendent, Parker Drilling, 2016

"The CAVU training is the most interactive and active program about Safety I have ever visited. Well Done!"
- Evgeniy Angarskiy, Pacific Rim Constructors, July 2016

"CAVU has been offshore in rotation as one team implementing a solid foundation for efficient and safe work culture. There was focus on utilizing crew resources, manager skills, brief & debrief, followed with focus on avoiding complacency, resulting in operational & safety success" - Frank Berland, Odfjell Drilling, Offshore Installation Manager/ Captain, July 2017

"By introducing the concepts of Crew Resource Management, we have some valuable new tools for our workers to integrate into their skill set. I will be sending all our employees currently at site through the CAVU training.”
- Joe Allper, Pacific Rim Constructors, 2016

“CAVU presentations accompanied by real-life examples showed us the reasons incidents occur and how to prevent them. The discussion about psychological factors at work and the role of a leader, turned around my idea about training.”
Alexander Bogdanov, Pacific Rim Constructors, July 2016

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CAVU Will Make Your Teams Better And Safer!

Focus Areas of CAVU Training

Leadership and Coaching

Leaders and Supervisors:

  • • Effective leadership training relevant to position
  • • Alignment of "Daily Actions" with company culture
  • • Time management  and "Front Line Leadership"
  • • Accountability in actions
  • • Ownership of everything they can control

Frontline workers:

  • • Standardized and verifiable compliance when performing critical tasks
  • • Team communication tools that maximize efficiency immediately
  • • Identification and Mitigation of hazards on routine tasks
  • • Preplanned actions to prevent all incidents
  • • Addressing Complacency and Fatigue
Maximize Efficiency, eliminate complacency


Raising your team’s performance to the level of high reliability organizations like commercial aviation and nuclear power does not happen by chance, it requires deliberate action. We will show you how they do it and how to make your "Perfect Day” repeatable.

How we do it

Both On-site and Off-site with your crews, we deliver the coaching and mentoring necessary to improve team behaviors and organizational culture. We focus your team on 'the path' to achieving their targets based on your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Seminar Training
  • Scenario Based Training - High Fidelity Simulation
  • On The Job Coaching and Mentoring