CAVU International offers value to the global marine industry by optimizing standardization and procedural discipline with the primary goals of maximizing efficiency and eliminating incidents. This is done through a focus on leadership, process, safety and culture, where the margins between success and failure are narrow and the consequences of human failure are unacceptable. CAVU coaches are proven leaders with decades of experience in the marine, energy and transportation industries, leading men and women in nearly every type of challenging environment. We have specific experience onboard Oil Field Support, Marine Research / Survey and Geotechnical Vessels worldwide.   

Our coaches have shipboard experience relating to, and working alongside marine teams to share the key tenets of Bridge Resource Management BRM and solid leadership. We provide Crew Resource Management (CRM) training to deck crews and then follow up with focused coaching of the CRM critical skills:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Situational Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Human Factors
  • Communications

Our coaches will attend Toolbox Talks, Debrief, Handovers and Safety and Operational meetings to gain the appropriate situational awareness, and then work to apply the CRM skills to your processes. We provide training and coaching across the entire spectrum of the ship crew positions; maintenance, operations, bridge, deck and engine room.

CAVU has proven results with multiple maritime related industries around the world, instilling a culture of continuous improvement and procedural discipline by improving the usability of existing processes and procedures. Through checklist optimization and training, CAVU has helped our maritime clients capitalize on the same six-sigma reliability and efficiency enjoyed by the commercial aviation industry for years.

Vessel Support Services Team:

Dan Chang
Dan Chang
Dan has over 35 years’ experience, which includes 22 years in the US Navy, in challenging leadership positions, including command of a Navy Destroyer. In the US Navy, assigned in positions of leadership and responsibility both at sea and ashore involving Naval Operations and major staff responsibilities. In the Aerospace Industry, held leadership position as Vice President of Programs leading a large NATO program. Dan is a proven leader with demonstrated performance in achieving shipboard operations, program execution and financial goals.


Jim TraversJim Travers
Jim has over 42 years’ experience in the US Navy and providing coaching and mentoring to all levels of leadership in high performance / reliability organizations covering operational discipline to include planning, communication, execution, debriefs and lessons learned for normal and emergency operations. He has been coaching for 7 years in the oil and gas industry including 3 start to finish Seismic Surveys.  In the Navy he excelled in leading and managing Personnel, Research and Development Systems, Ship-board Electronic and Mechanical Systems and Multi- Functional Projects in extremely challenging, high risk environments around the globe. Background includes 20 years at sea operational and maintenance experience on board 2 Warships, 4 Submarines and multiple Merchant Vessels. Jim is a proven leader and manager with demonstrated performance.