The ability to be safe, whether you are at work, while traveling or even in your home is becoming more challenging than ever:  Pandemics, social and political unrest, not to mention “normal” criminal threats have all combined to make our world less safe.  At CAVU, we build on our decades of military experience in Special Operations, Military Police and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection and combine that experience with the latest and most up-to-date security sector expertise in order to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate security environment for your home or business.

Services we offer:
  • Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Security Strategy Development
  • Physical Security
  • Personal Security Training

We truly believe that all clients are unique in their requirements.  Our security specialists have extensive experience working with diverse groups worldwide and developing the security approach that best fits an organization’s or individual’s discrete requirements. We work closely with individuals and organizations to develop, coach and mentor toward personal and organizational resilience.

Our unique techniques and processes will ensure your security solutions include: 
  • Accountability up & down
  • Financial stewardship
  • Clear communication
  • Procedural compliance
  • Leadership discipline
  • Standardized team behaviors and ownership
  • Repeatable usable procedures
  • The right mix of people and procedures
  • A sustainable culture of security management

Wesley “Wes” Spence, Captain USN (Ret)

Wes SpenceAfter graduating from the US Naval Academy, Wes spent over 34 years combined experience as a Navy SEAL officer and corporate consultant, with a proven record of successfully leading diverse groups and solving complex challenges worldwide.  His distinguished military career included operational deployments with multiple SEAL Teams, warships and Forward Operating Bases and included three tours in Afghanistan.  His unique experience reveals an exceptional aptitude for leading and managing personnel, training and curriculum development and multiple corporate level assignments experience.  Wes has played a central role in facilitating deep cultural and process changes to 30 different organizations with over 3000 personnel in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe.  Wes has been a small business owner and is a co-founder of a non-profit organization aimed at supporting veterans.  He is recognized for exceptional leadership and integrity with proven performance in all levels of planning, organizational resilience, and resource management.  Wes also has a master’s degree in Information Technology Management.